Tamuna Gejadze                                                                        

The theme of a mask is quite ancient. Masks can be encountered in different cultures: in Antique, Greece mysteries, in Egypt, Persia, Venice, African tribes, in folklore and also in modern art.

A mask is a certain symbol, which is sometimes dead and static and sometimes dynamic, full of mysterious depth. A mask is necessary attribute for dramatic art. In every epoch masks carried particular sense and depth. In Tamuna Gejadze's works masks have acquired a completely new meaning. They are devoid of ritual sense. They represent the static esthetic imagery of modern world, the diverse inner world of an individual in our time. 


This word is dispersed in many images like different faces of a brilliant diamond. A fiery face with a wreath of birds' spread wings that are embellished with colorful gems; this is a fiery excitement itself, an image from the emotions' word, very personal and concentrated. Each mask seems like a separate personality, a separate character, separate nature...A mask with Renaissance colors and ornaments, with intricate blue and gold lines, a flower appearing from the mouth, a cigarette holder looks like feelings and excitement are spread in a beautiful flower.  The masks  are adorned with splendid wreaths with salamanders, butterflies, as if Pan has come back to life again and is looking through flowers and leaves, a snow white mask with a wreath of most gentle flowers

 ...all these masks are incredibly diverse representing a live nature, deep nature of the artist.


Natela Aladashvili


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Tamuna Gejadze










Tamuna Gejadze has been painting since the age of eight. At the age of 13 she had a personal exhibition, which earned a keen response in press and television.

Articles were published in magazines and newspapers, two special TV programs were prepared show her paintings accompanied by reading of poems. She began writing poems as a little girl.


Poems and paintings were been created simultaneously, as two different expressions of the same spirit and energy.

Tamuna Gejadze has compiled several albums of poems and paintings since the age of fourteen, reflecting her emotions at that period of her life.


Tamuna Gejadze


















Her poems are published    in different newspapers and journals. Several literary soirees were arranged. She also paints pictures for children, write poems for them. Some of those were published. Her paintings and a song appeared in the Georgian movie.
















 Tamuna  Gejadze has also written texts for two oratories, which were performed several times. She have also written libretto for the opera, which is being composed now. Since the works of every artist express his/her unique inner world and individual spiritual quality, his/her personal attitude to the Universe, each of her poems and writings, as well as the collection of models and ceramics, was made to express both the physical and spiritual qualities as one whole, indispensable to each other. While creating the collection she tried to paint not only the clothes as refined adornments for beautiful ladies, but complete creatures with fine spirit and body, longing for perfection.  

















































Design related to Architecture/Interior-Exterior design (projects: "Mozaic for Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II"."Mountain Villige Stage". "Rezidence" )