Alexi Matchavariani, portret by I.Gedjadze.


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Tamuna Gejadze was born on May 29, 1966 in the family of outstanding Georgian composer and art worker. In 1982 she finished the secondary school #51, in 1987 she graduated from Tbilisi State University and Began work at the Department of Modern Literature. 

















In 1984 she passed the comprehensive examinations for the Candidate degree, and wrote a thesis on poetic Worldview of Nicolas Baratashvili, as well as assays on philosophical world views of different poets and writers, including Japanese writers: Akutagava, Mishima, Kobo Abe. Her papers won prizes and diplomas in different competitions. An article on Fellini’s “Rehearsal of the Orchestra” won prizes and first diploma in the city competition. Tamuna Gejadze has been painting since the age of eight. At the age of 13 she had a personal exhibition, which earned a keen response in press and television.

Since 2001 Tamuna Tejadze has been working at The Diplomatic Academy of Georgia as a lecturer of philosophy. In 2002-2003 she gained the certificate of the best professor. She lectures on world art, literature and philosophy. 

   In 2000 she illustrated a play for children, called “The Seasons.” It was staged in May 2000.

   In 2001, 2002, 2003 she has had several exhibitions in Sheraton Metekhi Palace, USED, Courtyard Marriott in Georgia. 

She is a prolific artist and has had many exhibitions both in Georgia and internationally, particularly since  2005-2013 in Germany, Switzerland and France.